Thursday, November 22, 2012

Small Dog

Middle Son has a service dog named Willow.  Willow is a Great Pyrenees, so she is a BIG dog.  She was 93 pounds at her last visit to the vet.

Today we had our first ever Blended Holiday.  My girlfriend came over with her 17 year old daughter to have Thanksgiving dinner with me and my three boys.  They brought their dog along.  Their dog is a dachshund named Jack.  Jack is not a big dog.

Middle Son seemed interested in Jack.  He was looking at him and laughing.  But when Jack would go running past he would shy away.

During dinner, we put Jack in his crate in the living room.  When Middle was finished eating, he went over to the crate.  He squatted down in front of it looking at Jack.  He put his fingers inside the bars to pet Jack.  He jumped and giggled.

Running loose, the small dog was a little too unusual/unpredictable for Middle.  Once he was shut into his crate, he was safe to engage with.

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