Monday, November 26, 2012

More Morning Trouble

I got a text this morning from MomC about 8:00.  As on Wednesday, she was not able to get Middle Son out of bed and dressed for school.  He'd been awake for 45 minutes, and was just laughing at her when she told him to get up.  She said that if she can'tget Middle Son out of bed, then he will have to sleep at my house every school night.

Which I am not happy about.  Getting your children to school is one of the basic parental responsibilities.  What does that mean if she gives up on that?

MomC had emailed Middle's teacher last week asking if she had any ideas.  She suggested using some sort of reward system.  I doubt that will work.  We've tried rewards before without any luck.  He often seems to be almost completely self-contained--he just doesn't  care that much about rewards.

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