Friday, November 2, 2012


Oldest Son struggles with homework, especially with the mechanics of homework.  He has trouble keeping track of what the assignments are, when they are due, remembering to turn them in, etc.

He also tends to get frustrated pretty quickly.  He often ends up too agitated to keep going.  Last week when he was at my house, he seemed to be doing better.  This afternoon I got a text from my ex.  She said Oldest has back science homework he needs to catch up on this weekend.  She said she's not sure she can keep him on track and asked if he could come to my house to do his homework.

I said yes, bring him over on Sunday evening.  I'm not happy about loosing part of my free weekend because she can't get him to do his homework, but I want him to get the work done.  He needs to pass his science class.

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