Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More on Sick Kids

The Mother-of-my-Children (a.k.a. the ex-wife, hereafter referred to as MomC) wanted me to take Middle Son tonight, because Youngest Son's birthday party is this weekend, and she's "got a lot of work to do to get the house ready for the party."  Apparently it will be too hard if Middle Son is at her house sick.  She also asked "what are we going to do if he's sick tomorrow?"  She wants me to take him.  The fact that I have to work at the job that supports the entire family (she still doesn't have a job) apparently didn't occur to her.

Sometimes I wonder what she thinks her responsibilities to Middle Son (and Oldest Son) are.  It often appears to me that she doesn't really think it's her job to deal with their problems--that's my job.  I don't get that sense with regards to Youngest.  The problems of Youngest are pretty minor compared to the challenges that arise with Oldest, and especially compared to Middle Son.  I don't know if that's all it is, or if there is more to it somehow.

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