Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bubble Bath

Middle Son generally speaking doesn't like bathing.  He enjoys sitting in the warm water of the tub and splashing a little, but he doesn't like being soaped and scrubbed and he hates having his hair washed. There have been times in the past when he liked taking baths.  In fact, there were periods when he would take 5 showers a day.

We are not in one of those periods now.  It's been very difficult to get him in the tub.  MomC told me that she has pretty much given up.  She's worried about how she's going to keep him clean enough that he doesn't get b.o. during the week of Christmas break that he is at her house.

As I was getting the bath ready for him today, I noticed that there was bubble bath in the cabinet under the sink.  I haven't used bubble bath with him for a long time.  He liked it.  He got into the tub and sat down without any coaxing.

He stood up and let me scrub him with the loofah without much trouble.

Washing his hair was still tough.

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