Thursday, November 15, 2012

Missing Underwear

When I was getting Middle Son dressed for school this morning (he can do it himself, but it takes longer, he "forgets" to put on underwear, and half the time his clothes are inside out) I couldn't find any underwear for him.  So I had to send him to school without any underwear.  Which they have complained about in the past.

Disappearing underwear is a recurrent problem with both Middle and Youngest Sons.  They leave my house wearing underwear, but they sometimes return from MomC's house without it.

Youngest was at my house last night.  When I dropped him off at MomC's, I asked her if she had any underwear for Middle Son.  She brought out a stack of clear underwear.  She also gave me one of the reports from school, saying that Middle's underwear had been dirty on both sides.  Didn't check the date to see if it was from Tuesday or Wednesday.  Tuesday morning his underwear was dirty on one side because it was the only pair that I could find in the house.

It's frustrating that underwear goes to MomC's but doesn't always come back.

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