Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strange State of Affairs

Today someone was supposed to do taping and mudding in the bathrooms to replace the drywall wall that had to be torn out.

I got home at 6:30.  Tools were out.  There was an open bag of drywall compound and an open box of screws.  There was an ipod and a sweater on the counter.

I emailed the property manager and told her that I was not happy about how things had been left.  Middle Son has odd ideas about what is and isn't edible.  He might eat drywall compound.  He likes to flush things down the toilet.  I suspect that flushing a bag of drywall compound down the toilet would end poorly.  I asked that she make sure everyone who comes to do work here is informed that we have a developmentally disabled child and that EVERYTHING needs to be secured before they leave.

I called My Beloved Fiancee.  She told me that someone showed up around 9 this morning.  She went back to sleep (she works 2 to midnight, so she sleeps late).  When she woke up around noon, he wasn't here.  The tools were out, so she assumed that he had gone to lunch.  I described the current state of the bathroom.  She said that's how it looked when she left at 1.

It appears that the workman never came back.  Which seems to me to be a very odd state of affairs.

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