Friday, April 19, 2013


My nanny kept Middle Son at her house again last night.  Once again, I am grateful to have found people who care enough about Middle to go *far* out of their way for his sake.  And for the financial resources to pay them.  Which isn't easy.  The IRS is asking for confirmation and documentation of my itemized deductions for 2011.  Given that my itemized deductions were about $85K, almost half my gross, I can't fault them for being skeptical.

My nanny and I were discussing the bathroom-related challenges we've seen with Middle in the last month or so.  I'm concerned that Middle may lock in to some decidedly undesirable habits if he can't return to his "typical" bathroom behavior.  He won't be able to return to his typical behavior until the hallway bathroom that he normally uses is restored to full working order.  Which isn't scheduled to happen until the end of next week.

We were discussing the challenges of Middle cleaning himself after a bowel movement.  If we leave paper out, as often as not he flushes the entire roll down the toilet.  He seems inclined to wipe himself with his hand and then clean his hand afterward.  We talked about leaving a stack of washcloths out for him to clean up with.  I worry that at some point he will decide to flush the washcloths down the toilet.

If we can find the space for it, I'm inclined to give him bath towels to clean up with.  That way, even if he wants to flush them, it won't work.

It just isn't possible, no matter how you try, to flush a bath towel down the toilet.

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