Monday, April 29, 2013

Miracle League

Saturday, Middle Son had his first Miracle League baseball game of the season.  Miracle League sets up baseball games for kids with disabilities.  It's like T-ball in some ways.  Every kid gets to bat every inning.  There are no outs.  Everyone gets to home base.  Usually when the batter gets a hit the pitcher tosses another half-dozen balls into the field so that all the fielders who are interested have a ball to chase after.

Middle didn't play last year, but he played the two previous years.  This year, I got him into the uniform shirt and found him a buddy to warm up with.  We brought Willow along, but I didn't strap her to his waist because I didn't intend to send her out onto the field with him.

He went out onto the field for a while, then wandered off.  I steered him back toward the field.  He didn't want to go back.  He DID want to hold Willow's leash.  That's the first time I've ever seen him want Willow when he didn't have her.  He often seems resigned to having her strapped to his waist, rather than eager to have her.

It was actually kind of exciting to see him wanted her in a relatively unfamiliar/stressful situation.  Perhaps the bond there is stronger than I had realized.

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