Monday, January 4, 2016

Xbox One Update

As expected, Oldest Son was very agitated when he found out we got an Xbox One.

In conversation, the issue turned out to be what he had heard about the camera.  He thought there was a built in camera.  He thought Microsoft could activate it remotely and take pictures or video whenever they wanted.

There is a kernel of truth in that, but only a kernel.  The original spec did have a built in camera.  There was a plan to allow you to play your games on someone else's Xbox that relied on facial recognition using the built in camera.  There was an outcry when that plan was announced, and it was scrapped.

I reassured him that it doesn't have a built in camera.  He calmed down.  Somewhat.

The next day I asked him how he was feeling about being in the house with the Xbox One.  He said he was now ok with it.

That was a relief.

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