Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I took Middle Son to the neurologist this morning.  It was a routine follow up.

We decided to increase his anti-seizure meds.  My Beloved Wife and I have noticed lately that if Middle misses a dose there is a good chance he will have a seizure.  That suggests that his dose is borderline insufficient.

We also decided to switch him from the SSRI he is currently taking to different one.  We are seeing some obsessive behaviors.  When we increase the dose of his current SSRI the behaviors go away but are replaced by different ones.

After the appointment, I took Middle to Arby's for lunch.  We got our food and sat at a table.  Middle was very happy.  He swayed with the music.  He ate and drank.  He giggled.  At one point I saw him signing "yes" as he swayed.

He looked very happy.  I wonder if "yes" somehow equates with "happy" for him.  I can imagine that it would.  Usually when he uses "yes" it means that he is going to get something that he wants.

It was a very sweet moment.

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