Thursday, January 14, 2016

Searching for Sweets

As far as we can tell, food is one of the most important things in Middle Son's world.  He has a huge sweet tooth.  He also has a very good map in his head of where goodies are in the house.

For Christmas we got him a yard of licorice and a yard of cookies (3 foot long containers).  We've been letting him each big chunks of them on request.

We keep them in the pantry.  Our current house has a walk-in pantry, and we've put a keypad lock on it so that we can store things there and Middle can't get into them.

Last night, we heard the beep-beep sound of someone hitting the buttons on the keypad lock.  It was Middle.  We asked if he was looking for his cookies and he signed yes.  So I gave him the last box from his yard of cookies.  He was very happy to sit and munch on them.

I turned the big box upside down to show him that it was empty, then left it on the table.  Hopefully he understood that and won't be upset that there are no more cookies.

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