Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finding the Classroom

Wednesday morning I took Middle Son to school.

He had spent the night at MomC's.   Normally MomC's mother takes Middle to work on Wednesdays so that MomC can get to work on time.  This week grandma was sick.  So I meet MomC at her workplace and got Middle.

We were late, so I had to go to the attendance office to sign him in.  We've done this enough times that the attendance secretary recognizes us and automatically calls Middle's classroom.  His aide or teacher comes to get him from me.

This time the secretary wasn't there.  Rather than explain to one of the students behind the desk, I decided to take him to the classroom myself.  There was just one problem.  I don't know where his classroom is.

I decided to ask Middle and see what he would do.  I asked him to take me to his classroom.  He hesitated and then started walking slowly forward.  I asked him again, and said "You know where it is, show daddy."  He continued at a leisurely stroll.

I wasn't sure if he could, but sure enough he took me to the right room.

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