Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pillow Pants

On Saturday, I told Middle Son that he needed to get dressed so we could go to the store.  A few minutes later I went into his room. He was lying on his bed.  He had his feet inside a king-sized pillow sham, and was trying to pull them up.  I told him that wasn't going to work, and gave him a pair of pants from his drawer.

I was talking to my nanny when I got home tonight.  She said she had told Middle to get dressed so they could go pick Youngest up from MomC's.  He was in his room longer than usual, so she went in to check on him.  He was struggling with his pants and seemed very upset.  She said he was on the verge of tears.  She asked him if he needed some help, and his face lit up.

She went to help him, and discovered that he was trying to pull up a pillow case.

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