Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big Trouble with Toilets

Last night, I got a call from MomC about 9:45.  She said she was having major plumbing problems--every drain in the house was backed up, toilets, sinks, shower, tub, etc.  She couldn't figure out how to tell Middle Son not to use the toilet and wanted to know if he could spend the night at my house.  I agreed to take him.

I called her tonight for an update.  She had a plumber come out and he said the main line is blocked.  He quoted her $2800 to fix it.  She told him she couldn't afford that.  They called back and offered to knock $600 off, said they don't like to leave someone without working plumbing.

She told me that the max she can afford to spend is about $500.  And she doesn't know what she's going to do this weekend (it's her turn to have the boys) if she doesn't have working plumbing.  She didn't ask me to do anything.  I'm not going to offer.  And if she asks me, I will agree to swap a weekend and take the boys.

The problem was almost certainly caused by something that Middle flushed down the toilet.  Tonight he was grabbing paper towels to flush.  I'm trying to come up with other things to keep him busy.  We've put laundry in, and now we're going to clean the kitchen.

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