Sunday, January 6, 2013

Impulse and Stability

I ran across this quote on a board that I was reading today.  It was in reference to the revisited marshmallow study on impulse control.
If there is any basis for impulsivity, the study seems to hint, it is affected by the exposure of the child to unreliable circumstances, adults not following through, or otherwise not being able to deliver on what is promised.
It got me to thinking about MomC.  And about my children.  MomC has a strain of impulsive behavior.  Her father was mentally ill.  She's said that he was diagnosed as bi-polar, but she now wonders if he was schizophrenic.  He had delusions, and committed suicide when she was about 10.  So she definitely grow up with an unreliable parent who didn't follow through.

One of my major goals is to give my boys a consistent, reliable, stable home.  I think I'm succeeding.

When I told Oldest Son this summer that I had a girlfriend, he was very upset.  My nanny related a conversation that she had with him about it.  She commented that it would probably be hard for him if his mom had a boyfriend, and he told her no, that wouldn't bother him, but he didn't like me having a girlfriend.

I remember talking with my psychiatrist about it.  He asked me how that made sense to me.  What occurred to me was that my home was a point of stability for Oldest.  And change at my house was scarier than change at mom's.

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