Saturday, January 5, 2013

Again with the Trash

Middle Son is now getting obsessive about emptying the trash.  It's about 1 in the afternoon, and so far he has tried to take the trash out three times.

I've seen this dynamic before.  Middle learns some new skill, and he REALLY wants to use it.  Over, and over, and over.  I think he enjoys doing something useful, being helpful.  On the one hand, I want to encourage it when he does something that is helpful and appropriate.  On the other hand, I'm running out of trash bags.

This last time I intercepted him as he was coming into the kitchen with the empty trash bag.  He looked really excited.  He got really upset when I told him to put it back.  So I got the windex out and had clean the outside of the microwave.  Then while I was writing this, he got the windex out again, sprayed an small area of the kitchen table, wiped it off, and put the windex away.

I've gotta find more jobs for that boy!

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