Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organizational Skills

Oldest Son's high school is giving out laptops to all students to use for the school year.  There is a form that has to be filled out, signed, and turned in to the English teacher.  It's due today, so last night we printed out the form and signed it.  I asked him where he was going to put it so that he would remember to turn it in.  He said that he would put it in the front of his binder.

This morning, as he was about to leave, I asked him if he had the form in his binder.  He said he thought so.  I looked on the kitchen table and saw that the form was still there.  He grabbed it and stuck it in the middle of his binder.  I reminded him that he'd said he was going to put it in the front.  So he moved it.

After I got to work, I sent an email to his English teacher telling her that Oldest did have the form, and asking her to prompt him if he forgets to turn it in.

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