Saturday, October 27, 2012


We met with several of Oldest Son's teachers yesterday.  He's struggling with homework and figuring out what he is supposed to do, especially with math and science.

I'm concerned about the science teacher.  They have a new science curriculum that is "exploratory."  The students make lots of choices about how the go through the material, and there is less directed learning.  That's difficult for Oldest, his Asperger's gets in the way of that sort of executive function.  The science teacher said something to the effect of not understanding why Oldest was having trouble with this.  I got the sense that she doesn't think he should need accommodations.  Oldest is smart, and he's able to do the work, but he has major trouble organizing things, and his thought process tends to be slow.

It's always frustrating to see a teacher that doesn't want to provide accommodation because he seems "normal" enough.

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