Friday, November 20, 2015

Car Talk

I drive Youngest Son home to my house on Wednesday evenings and drive him to school on Thursday mornings.  Sometimes he says very interesting things.  One morning he said “I think I know why Middle Son lives at your house and not mom’s.  It’s because he does a better job of not running away at your house.”  Which is indeed correct.

Like most eight-year-old American boys, Youngest is obsessed with video games.  If we let him he would spend most his time playing video games and the rest of his time talking about them.  I recently added a new rule.  He is not allowed to talk about video games in the car.

We’ve a rule in place for a while that on the drive home he has to tell me about two things that happened that day.  Mostly I hear about what he had for lunch at school and what he did at recess.  Since adding the “no video game talk”, I now hear more about school and what he does with his friends. 

I’m glad I added that rule.

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