Thursday, October 24, 2013

For Want of a Shoe

I was trying to get the Middle Son and Youngest Son ready for school this morning.  Middle's bus picks him up at 7:45, then I drive Youngest to school.

Middle came out of his room wearing 1 shoe.  I told him to get the other one.  He goes in the bathroom and comes out with one shoe.  He goes into his room and comes out with one shoe.  He lies down on the couch.

I go in his room and look for his shoe.  Can't find it.  I look in the bathroom.  Can't find it.

The bus comes, still no shoe.  The bus leaves, no shoe.

FINALLY, after the second or third time I check his bed,  I snap the blanket extra hard.  The shoe falls out.

And I load both Middle and Youngest into the car and drive the to their respective school.

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