Sunday, October 13, 2013


On Wednesday, Middle was up and moving around in the night.  The refrigerator was not locked tightly enough.  He got into it.  In the morning we found an empty tube of refrigerated cinnamon rolls on the counter.  We assumed the he had eaten them all.

When I got home from work, my Beloved Wife (!) showed me the pan that she had found in the oven when she started dinner.

Photo: Ok. So this morning the kitchen was a mess. Ethan had gotten into the fridge and I THOUGHT he had eaten a whole tube of Pilsbury Cinnamon rolls.  Well I just found this IN the oven. I am assuming that he tried them and then realized they needed cooking. 

Quite impressed with his deduction skills.

Middle decided to cook them.  Fortunately he didn't turn the gas on.  If I wasn't worried about him turning the gas on in the middle of the night and blowing up the house, I'd start teaching him to cook.

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