Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Middle is at camp, and Oldest decided to stay at MomC's tonight.  So it is just me and Youngest Son.  And Beloved Fiance.  And Older and Younger Daughters.  And Younger Daughter's friend who is spending the night. And the cat.  And both dogs.

But anyway.

Of my three sons, Youngest is the only one in the house tonight.  He and I played in the back yard, then took Willow for a walk to the park.  I really enjoyed being able to devote all my attention to Youngest without having to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure Middle isn't wandering off somewhere.  I almost never have Youngest without also having Middle.

On the way home, Youngest was climbing up on some rocks and then jumping down.  He said "Going on rocks is what is so great about being a 5 year old."

How cute is that?

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