Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bus

Middle started Extended School Year (a.k.a. summer school) this week.  I was told that the bus would be here at 7:10.  Instead, it showed up at 6:45.  Middle and I were still in bed.  My Beloved Fiance was up and about to leave for work.  I got up and talked briefly to the bus driver.  Apparently she had left a message at 6 a.m. telling me when she would arrive.  I didn't hear the phone ring.

So I drove him to school.

Later this morning, I got a call from the bus driver.  She, and the other bus driver who will be driving Middle, were unclear about what was supposed to happen.  I explained that on Mondays and Wednesdays, Middle gets picked up at MomC's (no school on Friday).  On Tuesdays and Thursdays he gets picked up at my house.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he gets dropped off at my house after school.  On Tuesday, he goes to MomC's after school.  MomC and I are on different bus routes, so there are two drivers involved.  I was given the pick up/drop off times for MomC's, not for my house.  Oh, and we're going to be out of town the 11th-16th.

Apparently the drivers had not been informed of the reasoning behind the schedule--that he is split between two households.

The driver called back a few minutes later.  Her supervisor wanted us to give them a written calendar of when Middle is supposed to be where, including planned vacation days.  That way they will have it all written down in case there is a substitute driver.

I was telling My Beloved about it.  She was incredulous--it's not that complicated--she said she has very little tolerance for incompetence.

I, on the other hand, expect organizational incompetence as a matter of course.  I'm not pleased about it, but I am rarely surprised by it.

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