Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Ready

The boys, Willow and I are heading off on a grand adventure.  Tomorrow we fly to St. Louis for 6 days.  Family reunions for both my mom and my dad's sides of the family.

I had originally intended to bring My Beloved, the Daughters, and my nanny along.  That didn't work out financially.  So just us guys plus Willow.

I called ahead and we have an appointment with TSA to go through screening.  Southwest knows that we are bringing a service dog.  Hotel knows.

I have sedatives for Middle (and myself).  I have 2 back-up leashes for Willow.  I have a portable water bowl and one day worth of food for her.  I have a tie-out cable so I can let her have a little room to roam outside.  I have a back-up vest for her.  I have a "Service Dog Handler" card on a lanyard with her picture and my name.  I have another one that says "I am watching Middle."  I have laminated card to pin on Middle's backpack that says "My name is Middle.  I have autism.  I don't talk.  If you find me, call my dad at 425-785-3841.

I think I am ready.

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