Monday, June 24, 2013

Who's Upset?

Oldest Son struggled mightily this year with homework.  Over the last three months we had multiple meetings at school.  We spent a lot managing the mechanics of homework.  Oldest managed to get all his grades up to passing, though not by much.  Due to the zeros from missing homework, his Spanish and algebra grades were still D's.  Oldest has an accommodation in his IEP for reduced homework.  This makes it all the more frustrating.  At one of the meetings I said that if Oldest can demonstrate his mastery of the subject, he should get a good grade regardless of how much homework is missing.  Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Oldest got an A on his cumulative Spanish final.  That suggests that he has mastered the material.  But his grade is still a D.  MomC called and told me that if Oldest has to retake Spanish and algebra "she's going to be really upset."  That seemed like a strange comment to me.  Thinking about it, I realized why it bothered me.  She is making her feelings the star of the show.

That seems misplaced to me.  The focus should be on A) ensuring that Oldest's grades reflect what he has learned, and B) helping Oldest deal with his feelings.

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