Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Middle Son has been working on cleaning at school, mostly oriented around the kitchen.

Tonight, I watched him take the scrub brush out of the sink and scrub the door of the microwave.  I asked him if he wanted to clean some more, and he signed yes.

So I got the windex out, and helped him spray the microwave door, get a paper towel, and wipe it down.  He was jumping up and down and seemed very excited.  So I asked if he wanted to do more, and he signed yes again.  We went into the bathroom and cleaned the mirror.  Then we went into the other bathroom and cleaned that mirror.  He still seemed to be having fun, so we took on the dirtiest task of all, the window in the back door.

That window is always filthy because Willow jumps up and puts her paws on it when she wants to come in or go out.  Then he seemed to be done, so we put the windex away.

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