Wednesday, December 19, 2012


While I was traveling yesterday, I remembered some things that I had forgotten about the first time that I flew with Middle Son.  Middle was about 5 years old.  He sat in the aisle seat and I sat next to him.  We were up near the front of the plane, so lots of people filed past us.  As they walked past, Middle would tap on their luggage.  Some people looked irritated, but most people thought it was cute.  One man was carrying a big African drum.  He gave Middle a big smile when Middle drummed on it as he walked past.

The other thing I remember is the way Middle clung to me.  As soon as the engine started, he grabbed my arm and pulled it across his body, like the shoulder belt in a car.  He held it clamped there for the entire flight.  Every time I tried to move my arm, he grabbed it and pulled it back. 

I was his safety belt for the flight.

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