Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Married

My girlfriend and I are planning to get married.  We don't have a date yet, but probably in the fall of 2013.  She (and her daughters) have spent a significant amount of time with my boys over the last few months.  I introduced her to MomC a few weeks ago.

Last night I told Oldest Son.  He was very surprised.  The first thing he said (and he led by qualifying it, saying he knows it won't happen) was that it would be easier for him if his mom got married at the same time.    Then he wanted reassurance that he will still get to have his own room.  I told him he will keep his own room.  My girlfriend has two teenage daughters and he most definitely will not be sharing with them.  Then he said he wants us to get married someplace cool, like Vegas.  Vegas is a possibility that we've been discussing.

He also asked if I wanted him to tell his mom for me.  I said no.  Talking to MomC about this is my job, not his.

As soon as we were done talking, I texted MomC to be ensure that I was the one delivering the news.  She congratulated me.   She apparently was expecting us to get married this week.  She thought maybe we'd stopped in Vegas on our way to visit my family for Christmas.

She also thanked me for telling Oldest while he is going to be at my house for a while so that I will be around  as he is processing it.  That was very much a conscious decision on my part.  The boys are with me from the 26th to January 2nd, which is the longest period of time they ever spend at my house.  I told Oldest on the first night so he would have as much time as possible to work through it before going back to MomC.

I expected that this would be a difficult piece of information to take in and I wanted to be able to help him with it as much as possible.

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