Thursday, December 3, 2015

Xbox One

I was talking with MomC the other day about Youngest Son's burning desire for Lego Dimensions. She told me that she is buying it for him, along with a Xbox One.  I told her that I've been considering  getting one too. I want Youngest to keep believing that Christmas wishes come true for a little longer. 

She told me that Oldest Son is very upset about it. He doesn't want to live in a house that has an Xbox One. He says he might go live with his aunt. 

My Beloved Wife bough an Xbox One for our household yesterday. We have an Xbox 360, but the drive doesn't work so you can only play games that have been bought by downloading. 

When I told MBW that Oldest is threatening to move out over the Xbox she was dumbfounded. Which is very much the appropriate reaction. 

There is a legitimate concern buried at the bottom of this. In the original launch plans for Xbox One there were serious concerns about privacy and ownership. Oldest worries a lot about digital privacy. Microsoft revamped things in response to outcry. 

But moving because of an Xbox is wildly unreasonable. 

This is emblematic of Oldest and the way his autism manifests itself. I suspect that he is going to have trouble learning how to compromise when his absolutist beliefs come into conflict with the realities of life. 

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