Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This week Oldest Son is having a lot more trouble with focus and homework.  Tuesday was the last day of the quarter.  Monday night we went through his binder looking for any completed assignments that hadn't been turned in.  Actually, he took papers out of his binder, and I looked through them.  He was unable to concentrate enough to do the task.  We found one geometry assignment and a whole bunch of biology assignments.

When he was finished I asked him to send an email to his organization skills teacher saying that he'd found a bunch of assignments and would need some help figuring out which ones could still be turned in.  He didn't want to.  I said if he didn't want to do it, that I would.  I expected him to object, but he said go ahead.

I got a response back from his teacher Tuesday morning.  She said that Oldest seems to be in a funk--not able to make progress on his assignments or even make decisions about which assignments to work on.  She wondered if I had any ideas what that might be about.

I said that the only clue I had is that he asked me if there would be anything happening this week that would effect him.  That sounds to me like he is worried about changes for some reason.

MomC chimed in that she heard him telling Youngest Son to do his homework so that someday he will be able to get into a good college.  Then he that he isn't good at doing homework and will probably not have good enough grades to get into a good college.  Which at the moment appears to be true--his best grade is a B at the moment, and he also has 1 D and 1 F.

He was really scattered and overwhelmed tonight.  He went to bed about 8:30, without having done any homework.

I'm not sure what's going on or what to do about it.

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