Monday, May 13, 2013


In a stunning turn of events, Middle Son now wants to trim his own fingernails.  Historically, this has been very challenging.  To the point of only doing it when he is asleep, and bringing nail clippers along when he has to have anesthesia at the dentist.

I remember MomC telling me a couple of weeks ago that he had wanted her to clip his nails.

Tonight, he took me to the cabinet where we have snacks, medications, and nail clippers.  All things that, our house, need to be kept locked up.  I opened the cabinet, and much to my surprise he wanted the nail clippers.

He led me into his room.  He lay down on his bed.  I had him take off his shoes and socks and clipped his toe nails.  Then he took the clippers from me.  He started trying to clip his fingernails.  They were short, so he wasn't able to line them up himself.  I helped him, and we clipped a couple of fingers.  Then he was done.

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