Friday, October 2, 2009

Scary moment

I have the boys with me this weekend. When I picked them up from their mom's, she mentioned that the eight-year-old had been having some trouble at school this week. She'd taken him to the Dr. because she thought it might be from sinus problems. He has a history of tantrums and head-butting that often goes away when we give him anti-histamines, and he had run out.

Shortly after we leave her house, the eight-year-old goes berserk in the back seat, hitting and head-butting the one-year-old who is strapped into his car seat next to him. I pulled over, jumped out, and yanked the eight-year-old out of the car. He was extremely agitated, hitting me, and trying to head-butt the parked cars. I called my ex and said that I needed help. The eight-year-old had gone nuts and I was afraid to put him back into the car next to the one-year-old.

She came and got him. I drove the other two, and she drove the eight-year-old. Then we traded cars for the weekend. So I'll have the mini-van, and can put the one-year-old and the eight-year-old in different rows where the eight-year-old can't reach the younger one. I remember being worried about the risk of this, but this is the first time since we separated that it's actually been an issue. I hope it doesn't last. The eight-year-old isn't big enough to ride in the front seat legally, and I can afford to buy a new vehicle with three rows of seating to keep them apart.

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