Monday, May 12, 2008

More Baseball

We took the seven-year-old to his second Miracle League game this weekend. It was at a different park and there didn't seem to be quite as many kids this time. That might just be because it was on a bigger field and everyone was a little more spread out.

There was a team of teen-age boys there, they looked like they were 15 or so. The boys and their coaches acted as buddies. The seven-year-olds buddy was "Coach Mike". Coach Mike did a nice job of leading the seven-year-old around and trying to get him to pay attention to the game. He managed to get him to pick up the ball and throw it once while they were fielding.

One nice touch is that after the batter gets a hit, the pitcher tosses a couple of extra balls out onto the field for the fielding team to go after. They want to make sure that there is enough going on to keep the kids attention and give more of them chances to do something in the game.

The seven-year-old seemed excited about the game. When it was his turn to bat they offered him three bats to choose from and he was jumping up and down and squealing while he made his choice. I think that he is enjoying the process. It will be interested to see how he responds next week when we tell him that it is time for baseball and get him dressed in his uniform.

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